Traditional jazz and Dixieland
There are many different definitions or styles of this music that made its way into
American pop music. Two beat, four beat, Dixieland, vintage, traditional, etc., and some
refer to this music as OKOM — Our Kind Of Music.        
Phil has been playing this music in many places for 60+ plus years and is still trying to
get it right!  
Phil played with bands in: Champaign (IL), Chicago, Pittsburgh, Honolulu, Penn State,
London, England, the San Francisco Bay area and NE Ohio for many years before he
moved back to Napa, CA.
Each of those bands had its own distinctive character.  Click on
Phil's Bands to get a
sense of the style and hear audio clips of the OH bands.  

About Phil  is a brief music bio of Phil -- where he has played and with which bands
over the past 60+ years.  You can figure out the academic connections as well!

Songs and Composers is a constantly changing list of tunes played by the various
bands.  Some lists include brief song histories, dates and composer information.
Phil Cartwright: Traditional Jazzer
Mojo Strut