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Classic Jazz Band

    The Classic Jazz Band paid tribute to several important jazz influences in this aptly titled CD/  Louis Armstrong, of course, is evident, as is Bix Beiderbecke.  Also honored are Sidney Bechet and Bob Wilbur.

    The rhythm section clearly owes some allegiance to the Condon gang and similar New York and Chicago styles.

Leader: Steve Bauman, trumpet, tenor saxophone.  
Musicians:  Bill Kenney, clarinet, soprano saxophone; Mike Kovacs, string bass; Bill Fuller, drums; Phil Cartwright, guitar and banjo.

1.  Riverboat Shuffle  (Carmichael; 1924)
2.  Rhythm King  (Robinson; 1928)  Vocal:  Phil
3.  Jazz Me Blues  (Delaney; 1917)
4.  I Guess I'll Get The Papers  (Prince; 1946)  Vocal:  Steve
5.  Fidgety Feet  (LaRocca, Shields; 1919)
6.  Swing That Music  (Gerlach, Armstrong; 1938)  Vocal:  Phil
7.  Creole Love Call (Ellington; 1928)
8.  I Would Do Anything For You  (Hopkins; 1931)  Vocal:  Phil  Hear a clip.
9.  Indian Summer  (Herbert; 1919)    Hear a clip.
10. That Da-Da Strain  (Medina, Dowell; 1922)  Vocal:  Phil
11.  Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down (Quicksell; 1927 ) Vocal: Steve
12.  Midnight In Moscow  (Soloviev-Sedoy, 1957)
13.  All Of Me  (Simons, Marks; 1931)  Vocal:  Bill K.
14.  If You See My Mother  (Bechet; 1958)
15.  Mandy, Make Up Your Mind  (Meyer; 1924)  Vocal:  Steve
16.  Sweet Lotus Blossom  (Coslo, Johnson; 1935)  Vocal:  Bill K.
17.  New Orleans Shuffle  (Rappolo, Brunies; 1925)  Hear a clip.
18.  100 Years From Today  (Young; 1933)  Vocal:  Phil
19.  China Boy  (Winfree, Boutelje; 1922)

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