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Bert Thompson's New Revival Jazzmen

    Bert Thompson is a well-known drummer in the Bay Area who has worked with
many different bands over several decades.  He is also known for his long list of
excellent reviews of New Orleans /Traditional jazz bands.  His reviews have
appeared in US and international publications.

    In 1990, he formed a New Orleans style band - The New Revival Jazzmen. The
original band members are shown below posing for a concert at the South Bay
Traditional Jazz Society in 1991.

    On August 9, 1992, the band played a concert at the Napa Valley Jazz Club.  Ted
Shafer was in the audience and recorded the band on a cassette recorder.  It
never made it into the Merry Makers label but I was able to transfer a few
numbers to a CD.

    Personnel: Leader, drums and vocal: Bert Thompson; Cornet: Mike Slack;
Clarinet: Paul Widdes; Trombone: Bill Bardin; Bass: Tom Clark; Banjo: Phil

    Some of the tunes we played that day are: Blame It on the Blues, Girl of My Dreams,

I Never Knew What A Gal Could Do, I’m Travelin’, Moose March, Postman’s Lament,

Short Dress Gal, Shout ‘em Aunt Tillie, Sweet Fields, Climax Rag, Stevedore Stomp and Climax Rag.

South Bay Traditional Jazz Society concert 9/22/1991

Standing: Rich Vose, Bert Thompson, Marty Eggers, Robert Barrics

Kneeling: Mike Slack, Clint Baker

(Photographer: Mike Barrics)

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