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Lynn Hall's Jubilee Jazz Band

    Lynn Hall was the leader and trombone player when I played with the
Jubilee JB in 1991 and 1992.  I lived in Davis and it was a long trek for me
to drive to San Rafael for rehearsals at Lynn’s house.  Lynn had a special
music studio for rehearsals.  It was a nice big room but it had a white(!)
carpet.  There were strict rules:  No coffee! No red wine!  Beer and white
wine were OK.

    We played a lot of gigs. One gig story I like is about the band playing at
a San Francisco Yacht Club event.  Only classic wooden yachts were sailing
and we were asked to play on a couple of them as they sailed around the
harbor off Sausalito. We were helping Jim Gammon navigate from the pier
onto a yacht.  Jim said “If I fall in, don’t worry about me.  Grab my horn!”

    I have only one recording of the band.  It was a concert at the Napa
Valley Jazz Club on September 13, 1992.  Personnel are not listed but I
believe the following are probably close to those who played with band I
the 1991-1992 time frame. Cornet:  Jim Gammon, Clarinet: Roy Giomi, Jerry Jones; Trombone: Lynn Hall;  Drums:  Hugh O’Donnell;  Piano:  Red Thomas, Jan Stiers; Banjo: Phil Cartwright;  Vocal: Jackie Hall.

    Some of the tunes we played at that concert are: Blues in the Works,
Sweet and Slow, Fidgety Feet, Buddy’s Habit, Diga Diga Do, Algiers Strut,
I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling, West End Blues

June, 1992 

Drums, Hugh O'Donnell; Banjo, Tom Barnaby; Clarinet, Jerry Jones; Bass, Tom Clark; Trumpet, Jim Gammon; Trombone, Lynn Hall; Piano, Red Thomas

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