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Red Garter

    In April, 1964, a Red Garter banjo club was opened in Chicago by Chuck
Hillstrom, a veteran of the original Red Garter in San Francisco. The club was in
a prime location less than two blocks from Chicago Avenue and  N. Michigan.

    Chuck was the owner of the club and  a plectrum banjo player.  Also imported
from San Francisco as the lead player was Dave Marty, a world class plectrum
banjo player.  

    I was the only Chicago banjo player selected to be in the original band.  It was a
great learning experience for me.

    Later, in 1965, I was invited play at the Red Garter pavilion at the New York
World's Fair.  I had to decline.  I was deeply involved in my Ph.D. program at the
University of Pittsburgh as well as being deeply involved in a love affair with a
lovely woman with whom I have been married since 1966.

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