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Ted Shafer's Jelly Roll Jazz Band

    Ted Shafer was known for his Merry Makers record label.  He recorded,
produced and distributed dozens of LPs and CDs featuring many of the best
bands in the Bay area.  He was also a leader of the Jelly Roll Jazz band.  He
found gigs for some of the finest trad jazz musicians in the Bay area.  He
was also a banjo player.  On many of his gigs in the Bay area, he also used a
second banjo player.  I was the 2nd banjoist on many of his concerts at jazz
clubs and festivals.

    Ted often convened the band for rehearsals at Lynn Hall’s music room in
San Rafael. I checked with Bill Gould and here is a list of musicians we often
encountered at the JRJB rehearsals:  The group included at various times:
Bill Gould, Charlie Sonnanstine, Walt Yost, Roy Giomi, Ev Farey, Mike Slack,
Leon Oakley, Bob Schulz, Candy Sealy, Lynn Hall, Jack Mangan, Steve Apple,
Peter Allen and others.

    Personnel listed on two recordings from two live performances in 1992
that I have are: Cornets: Bob Schulz, Ev Farey; Clarinet: Roy Giomi; Trombone: Lynn Hall; Tuba: Candy Sealey;  Drums: Jack Mangan;  Banjos: Ted Shafer, Phil

    Here is a sample of the songs we played in these two concerts:  
Copenhagen, I’m a Little Blackbird, Sorry, All Night Blues, Whistling Rufus,
Mandy Lee Blues, Hot Tamale Man, Snake Eyes, Tears, Suez, Minstrels of
Annie Street, London Blues, Aunt Hagar’s Blues, Riverboat Shuffle, She’s
Crying for Me, Sweet Baby Doll and Aggravatin’ Mama.

Ted Shafer

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